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Feb 28, 2020 at 01:03 pm by Bryan

The family of suspended Walter Hill Elementary School Principal Helen Campbell is "shocked and appalled" at the response from Director Bill Spurlock and Rutherford County Schools. The two educators remain suspended without pay since November, even after Judge Eischeid dismissed the case.

Shocked and Appalled

(MURFREESBORO) Local Attorney Scott Kimberly told NewsRadio WGNS, "At this point, the Campbell family is nothing less than shocked and appalled at the flagrant disregard that the Rutherford County School System has levied upon its own educators. We have reviewed the video in question multiple times and can say this much: the statement released by Rutherford County Schools today is riddled with inconsistencies, omissions, and factual inaccuracies."

Kimberly noted that the testimony offered by the state in court this week should shock and offend the public. Of note, when asked about her investigation into the physical relocation of the student in question, the lead detective testified: that she did not review any school records of the student; that she did not review any prior disciplinary incidents of the student; and that she did not even inquire as to why the student was physically relocated prior to making the decision to arrest two well-respected educators.